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From Draft NOtices, October-December 2014

Any Contradiction Here?


Below is an excerpt from a military regulation governing recruiters when they arrange for high schools to give the military’s aptitude test, the ASVAB (emphasis added):

School and student participation in the STP [Student Testing Program] is voluntary. DOD personnel are prohibited from suggesting to school officials or any other influential individual or group that the test be made mandatory.

USMEPCOM 601-4, Chapter 3, The Student Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Scheduling and Session, 3-1.(e) Voluntary aspect of the student ASVAB.

Now, here is what a Navy manual tells its recruiters to do (emphasis added):

(1) Explain that the ASVAB is a DoD sponsored, nationwide test that measures
aptitude. Emphasize that the test relates to a variety of job skills and occupations, which can help counselors in their guidance of students . . .
(3) Request the school make testing mandatory or at least publicize it sufficiently in advance to maximize participation."

NAVY RECRUITING MANUAL-ENLISTED, COMNAVCRUITCOMINST 1130.8J, Section 3 High School/Community College Program, 040305. Conducting The Initial Visit

When the ASVAB is given in high schools, recruiters use it as a way to gain access to detailed information on students that normally must be approved by parents first. Individual schools can invoke a privacy option (ASVAB  Option 8) but they rarely do. So which one of the two above instructions do you think recruiters will obey?

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