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Description: The National Resistance Committee (NRC) was formed in 1980 to oppose registration and the draft, and was active through the 1990-1991 USA-Iraq Gulf War. The NRC was founded at a meeting at the Women's Building in San Francisco on 1 March 1980. The first issue of Resistance News was published two days later, and distributed at the national mobilization against the draft on 22 March 1980, where speakers advocating resistance to registration included Davis Harris ("I Picked Prison Over Fighting in Vietnam") and Dave Dellinger at the East Coast march and rally in Washington, DC, and Fred Moore of the NRC at the West Coast march and rally in San Francisco. An organizing meeting for regional and local NRC activities and affiliates in the East and Midwest was held the day after the mobilization, 23 March 1980, in Washington, DC. The stated goals of the National Resistance Committee were: To resist current U.S. preparations for conscription and war by encouraging those of draft age to refuse registration. To sponsor and promote nonviolent demonstrations and civil disobedience to oppose draft registration. To build a grass-roots movement by collecting pledges of nonregistration, distributing literature, holding public actions, forming support groups, and working with existing organizations to resist registration.
Phone: 415-824-0214
City: San Francisco, CA
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