Draft NOtices is COMD's quarterly printed newsletter

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Articles include news and analysis on topics like:

  • Racism, sexism and homophobia in the military
  • Key legislation
  • Military recruiting and Jr. ROTC
  • Grassroots organizing against militarism in schools
  • Conscription and draft registration
  • Military spending
  • War and the environment
  • U.S. military intervention


Sample articles are posted each issue on our web site. Complete issues of the newsletter are available only by mail.

Articles in the July-September 2022 issue of Draft NOtices:

The Uvalde Massacre Exposed the Lies That Once Justified Police Militarization
What I Discovered in the JROTC Curriculum
• Call for Protection/Asylum for Conscientious Objectors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine
• How to Protect Your Privacy from Military Recruiters
• COMD Statement on Ukraine
Draft Registration for Women Proposed Again
• Plus more . . .

Draft NOtices is sent automatically to those who contribute at least $16/year ($8 student/low income) to COMD.
For addresses outside the U.S., the minimum contribution is $20.To receive a full year of Draft NOtices, please use the coupon on the About Us page. For a sample of the printed newsletter, send $2.00 to: COMD, P.O. Box 15195, San Diego, CA 92175

For comments or inquiries about Draft NOtices, contact: comd[at]comdsd.org


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When the military comes to your local high school, you have a legal right to give students an opposing view. This has been the position taken by federal district courts in Florida, Pennsylvania and Illinois and two federal appellate courts. The most broadly-worded decision came from a case that COMD took to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the 1980s. Here is the background:

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