Draft NOtices is COMD's quarterly printed newsletter

 Draft NOtices Graphic

Articles include news and analysis on topics like:

  • Racism, sexism and homophobia in the military
  • Key legislation
  • Military recruiting and Jr. ROTC
  • Grassroots organizing against militarism in schools
  • Conscription and draft registration
  • Military spending
  • War and the environment
  • U.S. military intervention


Sample articles are posted each issue on our web site. Complete issues of the newsletter are available only by mail.

Articles in the Jan-March 2021 issue of Draft NOtices:

Draft NOtices is sent automatically to those who contribute at least $16/year ($8 student/low income) to COMD.
For addresses outside the U.S., the minimum contribution is $20.To receive a full year of Draft NOtices, please use the coupon on the About Us page. For a sample of the printed newsletter, send $2.00 to: COMD, P.O. Box 15195, San Diego, CA 92175

For comments or inquiries about Draft NOtices, contact: comd[at]comdsd.org