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War- 1989  by Renato Pia

War- 1989 with permission to COMD by Renato Pia

COMD is committed to providing information about alternatives to militarism and offers our Links Page as a resource for young people, schools, organizations and individuals working for the cause of peace and social justice. We will gradually expand our listings here.


  Counter-militarism organizations
  Counter-recruitment discussion group
  Anti-war veterans organizations
  Student / Youth organizations
  General peace and social justice

Counter-militarism organizations Top
Center on Conscience and War/NISBCO
(pre-enlistment/draft counseling, lobbying on draft-related legislation)    
GI Rights Hotline
(information and counseling for people who have joined the military)    
Jewish Peace Fellowship
(nondenominational organization committed to active nonviolence as a means of resolving conflict)    
National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth (NNOMY)
(primary portal to directory of counter-recruitment organizations, key documents, basic organizing info.)    
NLG Military Law Task Force
(GI rights counseling)    
Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities (Project YANO)
(counter-recruitment organizing, youth alternatives)    
Quaker House
(conscientious objection resources)    
Resources from the National Resistance Committee
(draft registration, draft resistance, the military draft, and the medical draft)
Resource Center for Non-Violence
(draft counseling)
War Resisters International
(international news)    
War Resisters League
(organizing, youth activism, pre-enlistment/draft counseling)    
Counter-recruitment discussion group  Top
National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth Discussion Group    
(discussion group for people working to counter military recruiting in local schools in communities nationwide)    
Anti-war veterans organizations Top
From Warriors to Resisters
(FWtR is a book containing engaging first-person narratives from veterans and military personnel, explaining how they awoke to the reality of U.S. foreign policy.)    
Iraq Veterans Against the War    
Vietnam Veterans Against the War    
Veterans for Peace    
Veterans for Peace, Gainesville, Florida    
Veterans Speakers Alliance    
Student / Youth organizations Top
Student Press Law Center
(student First Amendment rights)  
History/research Top
Swarthmore Peace Library Collection    
Links to alternative news sources  
No Conscription League Manifesto    
General peace and social justice Top

National Priorities Project
(facts about U.S. military spending, military recruitment, etc.)
Activist San Diego
(progressive local community networking)

OB Rag
(blog on the San Diego scene with news and commentary from a distinctively progressive and grassroots perspective)
Peace Resource Center of San Diego
San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice (local community anti-war colation, does high school leafleting)
Women's Action for New Directions

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