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Articles from Draft NOtices, January - March 2016

Will women be drafted? Will women be required to register for the draft?

— Edward Hasbrouck

When the Supreme Court upheld males-only draft registration in 1981, it based its decision on "deference" to the decisions of the Department of Defense and the Commander-In-Chief, at that time, not to assign women to any combat position. The facts underlying that Supreme Court decision have now changed with the announcement on December 4, 2015, that women in the military will be considered for all combat jobs.-Full Article

Historic Violence and Repression in Mexico: Follow the Weapons Trail

— Luis Villanueva

Despite what the U.S. and Mexican governments would have you believe, there is no democracy in Mexico. The proven complicity between the corrupt Mexican government and organized crime, 150,000 violent deaths in the last 8 years, thousands of missing people, hundreds of political prisoners, the displacement of entire rural communities by the military -- all of these horrors, which describe a country at war, are connected by one blaring event: the Merida Initiative.-Full Article

Sexual Assaults Lead to Tighter Recruiting Restrictions in Austin Schools

— Susan Van Haitsma

In October 2015, the school board of the Austin Independent School District approved a policy doubling down on restrictions to military recruiter access. Our Austin truth-in-recruiting group, Sustainable Options for Youth (SOY), had successfully worked with our district in coalition with a student group in 2005-2006 for some recruiter restrictions and equal access for nonmilitary alternatives.-Full Article

Cost of the War in Iraq
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