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Articles from Draft NOtices, October-December 2015

No Longer Missing in Action — The Saga of Latinos and the Vietnam War

— Isidro D. Ortiz, Ph.D.

Roberto Mendez LCPL-E — Marine Corps-Regular . . . Casualty was on Oct 27, 1968

This is part of the inscription on the Vietnam Memorial Wall for my childhood friend. Although I have never forgotten his death, I was reminded of his passing by the 45th anniversary of the largest protest against the war by Chicanos on August 29, 1970. The event was known as the Chicano Moratorium. It occurred in East Los Angeles, California, bringing together nearly 30,000 Chicanos in protest of the war.-Full Article

Draft Registration Bill Defeated in California

— Rick Jahnkow

The seventh effort by Selective Service to pass legislation that would boost draft registration compliance in California collapsed when the proposal received several crippling amendments, followed by a veto by Governor Brown.-Full Article

STARBASE: The Military’s Effort to Indoctrinate Children

— Seth Kershner

The recent release of the 2014 DoD STARBASE annual report provides an opportunity to reflect on this little-known part of the Pentagon’s school militarization program. While the government shutdown in late 2013 left it in a weakened state, starting this year the military plans to extend the reach of STARBASE beyond its primary constituency — fifth-grade students in Title 1 schools — and to march its merry band of “mentors” into middle schools.-Full Article

Cost of the War in Iraq
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