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From Draft NOtices,
October-December 2018

National Commission on Military Service Comes to SoCal

Edward Hasbrouck

The National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service came to Southern California during September 19-21. It was the only visit west of the Rockies on a national tour of public events, private site visits, and closed-door meetings preparatory to making recommendations to Congress and the President in 2020. The Commission’s recommendations are supposed to address the future of the Selective Service System, draft registration, and a possible special-skills draft or other compulsory service program. -Full Article

Report from the National Counter-recruitment and School Demilitarization Strategy Summit

— Rick Jahnkow

During the weekend of June 23-24, 2018, a group of 28 activists gathered in Chicago to share the knowledge and lessons they have learned from organizing to counter the militarization of schools and military recruitment of young people. They came from various regions of the U.S. and met at the Cenacle Retreat and Conference Center. -Full Article

Army Reservist Speaks out Against the Military Industrial Complex

Rocío Cordova

The motto for the U.S. Army Reserve’s Psychological Operations Command is “Persuade. Change. Influence,” which is exactly what Captain Brittany DeBarros aims to do only, instead, her messaging is in complete opposition to the U.S. military industrial complex. -Full Article

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